Bradley Cooper’s been shooting a movie in Philadelphia. He flew back to LA this weekend and took Jennifer Lopez out for dinner. They were photographed on their way out - he was behind the wheel, she covered her face in the passenger seat.



Maybe she didn’t want to hear it later on from her ex-husband. Being territorial and possessive doesn’t change just because you’re separated.

Or, obviously, as is always the case when it comes to Jennifer Lopez, maybe she’s just playin’. Don’t photograph me, but yes, photograph me, I HAVE A NEW BOYFRIEND.

Bradley Cooper?

Differing reports about how serious they are. Some say he’s really into her, others say it’s still new, and most of you cynical bitches think it’s a total sell.

Me, I actually haven’t decided yet. I can’t decide until I see her move around with him. Until I see the body language, whether or not she gushes, whether or not she has a hard time containing her in love-ness. We all know she loves being in love. She’s addicted to it. Three marriages, of course she’s addicted to it. Sometimes I think she talks herself into it. I think she talked herself into Cris Judd. I think she may have talked herself into Marc Anthony. But she did not have to, at all, talk herself into Ben Affleck. When JLo’s in love, there’s no faking that sh-t. Unless, of course, you think she’s that good of an actor.

So while I can’t say for sure what I think this is yet, and I’m still calling around to find out and there doesn’t seem to be a consensus, I can tell you that if this is for real, and not some front, well then her streak of falling for men with baggage ... is continuing.

Click here to see the shot of JLo and Coop leaving in his car.