It’s a good thing, obviously. To be open and allow a forum for different voices … of course it is. Can’t stand Elisabeth Hasselbeck but she belongs on The View absolutely .

And in the same spirit, I suppose, Jennifer Lopez belonged at the 2008 Women’s Conference? Along with Christiane Amanpour?


I mean, Jennifer Lopez is the undercover Scientologist, right? A supporter of an organisation that actively attacks psychiatry and disparages therapies that help women recover from post-partum depression and other mental health challenges? Remember… they believe that mental illness is a myth. And women who are feeling a little low after having their babies just need more exercise and vitamins.

Amazing. I love that Xenu has representation at the Women’s Conference.

So what did she say? Something about being made for motherhood and bad relationships in the past. Relationships that led to her questioning herself, not valuing what she's worth. All that's changed now with Marc and the twins. She conceived them, as you know, around the time she drew closer to the Church circle.

To balance the chill, how about Michael J Fox! Everyone loves Michael J Fox! At Canada’s Walk of Fame this year, people lost their sh-t over Michael J Fox. All ages and in between.

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