She graced a luncheon yesterday in Denver, perhaps part of the game plan agreed upon when she met with Obama staffers on Capitol Hill in June. This is the weave style JLo selected for the DNC: teased at the crown, not too long, not too short, and homemaker friendly.

La Lopez must be super supportive of Barack Obama if she was willing to take time out of her “gruelling” triathlon training schedule to show her Democratic colours, non? Especially when she doesn’t get much help at home with the twins? All new moms can totally relate.

Sarcasm aside though, one thing I won’t nail her on is the sweat stain. Not sure why it’s such a big deal to rag on someone for a sweat stain. To me, capri pants are worse than sweat stains. We all sweat. Better a sweat stain than using antiperspirant. Perhaps a different choice of material? Sure. But you can only anticipate temperature for wardrobe to a point. Especially with air conditioning. And I hate cardigans. What if the opposite happens and you get chilly? With hard nipples?

Sweat stains > hard nipples?

Sweat stains < hard nipples?

I suppose it’s a matter of preference.


Sweat stains > hard nipples.

The point is though you can do a lot worse than having a sweat stain. I won’t ride her for it.

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