First – the skulls on their own, as mentioned, earlier…all over it. The skulls and an odd looking fur?


Not so much.

But that’s also not the point.

The point is, I could never, ever, ever say the sh-t she says and not want to throw up while saying them. Same goes for almost anyone else. But there’s a certain kind of cheese you learn not only to expect from some people but also to love from them. Like in a love to hate kind of way.

Example: Celine Dion. Nauseating yet entertaining as all hell. And Mimi too. Mimi rocks the special cheese. Extra cheese, super cheese…also known as Diva Cheese. So when it comes to Jennifer Lopez, why wouldn’t she too have her very own Diva Cheese flavour? Complete with Diva Cheese quotes?

New interview with Italian Vanity Fair waxing superlative cheese about her marriage:

“We aren"t the type to separate our lives from our work. It"s a synergy: music, cinema, the everyday things and most importantly, our love."

You’re almost gagging… I know. But wait. There’s more:

"How do I love? With all of myself, passionately, without regard for the mistakes which one inevitably makes. Let me put it as I have in my song: "Amo como una mujer, que vee en su hombre el paraìso (I love like a woman who sees heaven in her man)." " OK seriously… I don’t even know if I could read that out loud. Nor do I really know what that means. And I certainly don’t know if I’ve ever seen heaven in my own man – especially not after receiving this (attached) from his colleagues teasing him about his new longer hairstyle.

Sorry. Funny. Couldn’t resist. And I’m kinda mad at him for deleting The Hills from the PVR. But I digress.

The point is, Jennifer Lopez gushes cheese. And you totally expect her to. Having met her in the flesh, in all her Diva Cheese glory, Jennifer Lopez would be a major disappointment if she was WASN’T so over the top, you know what I mean?

As for the child issue, when she’ll have a baby… interesting the way she’s talking now: "That"s not something you should ask me. It"s a question for God to answer." Sounds to me like someone’s given up. And is hoping for a miracle. Will Xenu deliver a miracle?