Jennifer Lopez in Versace but really it was silver body Spanx with a white curtain on top. And, ironically, not very flattering. In some of these shots it’s like she has a phantom leg. Some of you even suggested, from a blurry distance, she could have been Celine Dion. She probably wouldn’t appreciate this comparison. Much love to my French Canadian cheese, but it’s not a compliment either.

But these award show appearances from JLo are getting embarrassing. Because she’s supposed to be some kind of icon. I mean this is her reputation. But on music’s biggest night, could JLo ever deliver a live performance true to the occasion?


And it’s not like she’s a songwriter either.

Her new album Love? is supposed to drop in April. This, I guess, has been the official promotional purpose behind the public appearances. If Louboutins is any indication... well... we’re not looking at any nominations next year.

By the way, just a quick note re: celebrity break ups and the Brange etc. At this time last year, several mainstream outlets were reporting that Jennifer and Marc Anthony were on the verge of a split. That they were serenade each other on Valentine’s Day and say goodbye for good. It was pretty much a slamdunk. And then... nothing. All bullsh-t. There was no separation. Even though so many of you at the time were like “where there’s smoke there’s fire”, JLo and Marc remain intact.

Photos from Kevork Djansezian/Kevin Winter/Robyn Beck/