Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez spent the weekend in the Bahamas. I’m supposed to tell you that it was “romantic” minibreak. But I refuse. Because, right now, I don’t feel like I’ll ever be onside with this couple, even though, on paper, it seems to make so much sense. E! News has low quality pap shots from the trip. You can see he’s leaning into her neck and she’s stroking his head. Then yesterday she Instagrammed and then deleted this photo (click for full image):

That’s probably ARod leaning into her either just before or just after they got down. Again, I’m not here for this. Not because I don’t want her to keep loving love, but because she’s such a dumbass about who she loves! This guy? ARod has only ever been all about ARod. And ARod is already getting so much more out of this hookup than JLO is. JLO doesn’t need ARod. But ARod?

ARod is trying to rewrite his reputation. He’s a broadcaster now. And even though he doped and lied and denied and was a dick as a player, there are many who consider him to be an excellent broadcaster. So he’s fresh into a new job, just as a new season of baseball is beginning, and now he has a new girlfriend, one of the most famous, sexiest women in the world, what a GREAT way to boost his profile when her profile never needed boosting and it would have the same no matter who she was dating. So… I just… I just don’t love that she could be used. Don’t f-cking tell me this guy doesn’t know how to use people.

Here's JLO catching a flight out of LA on Friday with daughter Emme.