So I had the opportunity to cover the El Cantante premiere tonight for eTalk, a village of journalists huddled together in a small space to catch a glimpse of La Lopez in all her splendour…and holy goddess, the woman does not disappoint. She arrived with Marc, in the most exquisite floor length beaded gown, the photos really do not do it justice. Now Jennifer has always been beautiful to me but it’s one of those things where you just naturally believe that the image is much more glossy than the reality. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Jennifer Lopez is pure, unadulterated gorgessity. Sure, sure…there’s a 50 person team responsible for making that happen, but when she’s inches away from you, talking to you, it’s pretty hard to deny how stunning she really is…from head to toe, it glows, it glows, it glows. The new dark locks totally work, she’s got great teeth, she’s less severe up close, soft eyes, really soft skin, and she’s no stick insect, not that you ever thought she would be, but there’s a normal sized body underneath that couture, which is refreshing you know? And taller than you’d think too, although I couldn’t see her shoes, I can’t imagine she’d be wearing super spikes next to the diminutive husband. Their chemistry was authentic, they were comfortable with each other, very aware of each other, she seemed genuinely happy to talk about him, and he about her. But while her beauty is even more pronounced in person, I regret I can’t say the same for him. What I can say is that what he lacks, she more than makes up for. And in a way it sort of works. Especially for uber bitches like me who simply can’t handle an excess of magnificence concentrated in one couple. Come on gossips…admit it. Isn’t it kinda cool that a Goddess like JLo ended up with the anti-Adonis?