More scoop on La Lopez from TIFF. A few quick details to start: - absolutely zero baby bump - totally low maintenance at the press conference today for El Cantante, and when she finished up her session, she immediately dashed back downstairs to be with Marc, the first thing they did was kiss each other, observers say they are happier than ever - at the after party on Tuesday night following the El Cantante Gala, Jennifer and Marc lingered in the VIP section for a while until at one point, she got up and said to him, “I wanna dance!” and so he took her by the hand, led her out to the dance floor with the plebes, and they danced en masse all night long.



I’m not one of those people who enjoys being told that celebrities are just like ordinary people who do ordinary things and live ordinary lives. This is why I never, ever go out of my way to stalk anyone – even Gwyneth. Because I expect a halo, I expect to see children dressed up in little red riding suits singing and dancing in choreographic splendour, with trumpets and sushi floating around on plates, and gardenias blooming through the cracks in the sidewalk whenever I have the pleasure of crashing into a star environment… this is what I expect. Unfortunately, expectations always fall short.

But who the f-ck wants ordinary? *I* am ordinary. My family is ordinary. My friends are ordinary. And if ordinary really is good enough, then what’s the purpose of celebrity to begin with… you know what I mean?

This is why I love Jennifer Lopez and not Jennifer Aniston. Jennifer Lopez is a bonafide SUPERSTAR. Jennifer Aniston is a bonafide BORE. Jennifer Lopez was born to be famous, with great fame comes great responsibility. I’m happy to tell you that she’s fulfilling her duties beautifully.

Wednesdsay. The eTalk Cadillac Lounge. The Intercontinental Toronto, where we conduct most of our film festival interviews. And while I know I might be biased because I do work for the show, by ALL accounts, our lounge is the best lounge around, with our very own Starbucks barista, plush couches, candy stands, t-shirts, goodies, oxygen canisters – the place is stocked, the stars seriously can’t stay away (more on that later).

So Jennifer and Mark are scheduled to come in, separately, to be interviewed by the host of eTalk, Ben Mulroney. The security detail is in place, the publicists check in, the crowds are growing by the minute outside, and then she arrives. And when Jennifer Lopez walks into a room, there seriously is nothing else. EVERYONE is mesmerised.

She’s lovely, she’s nothing but gracious, she does her interview in the private area, and when she comes out, a photographer for Hello Magazine, with exclusive access to our lounge, asks to take her portraits. There’s a chair that sits in front of the photo area, she immediately positions herself on the chair, and all of a sudden, the camera face, the superstar, the spotlight turns on, and she’s, like, posing and dipping her chin and moving her eyes and her cheeks and angling her neck, the woman knows every nuance of her body, she can control every lash on her eyelids, every muscle in her mouth, it’s truly a sight to behold, the most amazing thing, and it’s totally NOT cheesy! All this without self consciousness, without doubt, without embarrassment… she just owns it, and I’m telling you… even though she was as pleasant as possible, as goodnatured and as laidback as ever, if she had asked, if she had demanded white candles and a fresh coat of white paint with white flowers and white everything … everyone in that room would have busted their asses to make it happen in less than 15 minutes.

THAT is the power of Jennifer Lopez.

Check out eTalk on Thursday for Ben’s full interview and if you don’t live in Canada, check out CTV Broadband late Thursday evening to get the clips online.