Two sightings in Berlin, continuing her tireless promotional campaign in support of the Spanish album.

Now you might hate her but you also have to admire her: how many other big bummed girls would rock the high waist like this? I love that she has never fallen victim to the Hollywood “standard”, I love that she bucks the Hollywood “standard” with that Shelf Ass, I love that she is always, shamelessly, a Cheesy diva, and that she walks around expecting a halo to glow right over her Cheesy Diva head.

So by day, showing off her bottom. By night, showing off her legs. Am all over this dress…but for one huge problem: the Feng Shui imbalance could lead to disaster. And disaster followed.

Check out Marc’s pits. Now I’m the first to admit I’ve been developing a solid tolerance to his mangled face but this…this not even I can stomach. And then they went home to bed and he crawled all over her with that those sweaty stains and they both smelled like oozing pits.

See? Feng Shui Imbalance works every time.