Need I say more? This poor man. Can you imagine having to hide your inner sashay? Can you imagine not being able to strut and snap and roll those hips around every time you hear a great groove? It must be torture, gossips. So don"t blame him if the gay pokes out once in a while, especially when he hooks up with a fellow dancer and diva extraordinaire. Sometimes, the glitter just can"t be shushed, you know what I mean? As for Jennifer? I do worry for this girl. While she was fully in her element last night, clearly enjoying being back in the swing, I"ve heard from more than 3 unrelated sources that her husband kept a rock solid eyelock on her all night that verged on creepy. "Lainey, I was seriously disturbed. He wasn"t just watching her, it was like he was monitoring her. It made a lot of people uncomfortable, almost obsessive and it was seriously disturbing." And when they say disturbing, they mean he didn"t look at anything or anyone else. A room full of people, people coming in and out, hustle and bustle everywhere, and this guy was never distracted. It was all eyes on Jen all the time. Maybe I"m being melodramatic, but did a chill just run down your spine?