Scott Caan & Giovanni Ribisi: they’ve been rolling together everywhere, the life of the party. Not conventionally attractive and really, really short (Scott is probably my height, maybe an inch taller, if that) but there’s a palpable sex appeal, a quirky confidence, and I’m telling you, Scott has been charming up a storm all over the city. First of all, he’s a shameless flirt. Second, he’s incredibly classy. Refused to accept any swag at the IT Lounge at the Four Seasons. How’s that for a shocker? As for Giovanni – I have this weird crush on him, I can’t put my finger on it and I’m wondering whether or not it’s some kind of scientological spell, the same kind Katie’s under, and if that’s the case, you’ve got to assume he’s pretty high ranking in the Thetan system which totally sucks ass because I’d really hate to fall in love with him and get lobotomised in the process, you know what I mean? PS. Mena Suvari? Total airhead. Like really…there’s really nothing there. Liam Neeson: adored him before, adore him even more now. At the InStyle party tonight, the pappies and reporters were jammed on the carpet waiting for the arrivals, Liam and his handler pull up in a limo, he gets out and right away you know he’s completely sauced which means no interviews, and yet in spite of that, it just made you love him even more, because isn’t he the kind of guy you’d want to throw a few back with anyway? Laura Linney: better looking in person than on screen. Elegant, classic face, surprisingly UNaverage. Joan Allen: also imbibed a bit too much. So she’s dating a hot stud, several years her junior, they arrive at the InStyle party, she’s tanked, she gets out of her limo, and he piggybacks her in the pouring rain over to where the fans are, they take a few photos, she’s laughing her ass off, and by the time she gets to the press area, she’s wet and dishevelled and giggling and in no shape for photos. She is however very tall and very thin and doesn’t look quite as botoxed as she does in photos. All that younger man sex must be doing wonders… Kate Winslet: there’s always such a fuss made over her weight, that she’s not “Hollywood” sized, that she’s curvy and buxom. Saw her in the hall today and she didn’t look an ounce curvy or buxom to me. In fact, she looked rather slim. Just as slim as Jennifer Lopez. And the sexiest voice you’ve ever heard.