JLo Love Shame

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 20, 2009 08:08:19 March 20, 2009 08:08:19

This is Chris Judd out and about last night in LA…remember him? He was married to Jennifer Lopez before she left him and took up with Ben Affleck five minutes later. You will note, her in between times are always very short…

JLo is never single for very long.

But seeing Chris Judd, it reminds me – this is one thing I love about her: Jennifer Lopez has super Love Shame. I have super Love Shame. Have said it before, will say it again… I regret almost all of them. I regret them all save 3, and one I married. The others? The others were rubbish. So unattractive. Not even smart. Not even funny. Not even charming. Not even ANYTHING. When for some reason I have to think about the others it’s like an earsplitting shriek – do you ever do that? So embarrassed about something you actually cover your ears and try to hide, even though the noise is only in your own head? Can’t ever hide from your own head. This is the problem.

Imagine a Love Resume that consists primarily of those most hideous, revolting entries. I always ask myself – were you f-cking blind??? No, seriously, it’s like back then, I actually could not SEE.

Yeah that’s me. And that’s also Jennifer Lopez. Her Love Shame is epic.

Here’s a question: would you consider Ben Affleck part of that?

Photos from Wenn.com

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