Pregnant? Umm…doesn’t look like it. Especially not at the D&G show in Milan for Italian fashion week. So the question is – is she adopting, per recent tabloid reports? Now there’s a rumour that sounds more plausible, all things considered. Especially since we certainly don’t want those Anthony genes populating the planet any more than they have already. But enough about Marc. Let’s focus instead on La Lopez and her aging gorgessity. Don’t get me wrong. The woman is still breathtaking. Always will be. But she’s looking a little drier around the eyes these days. And maybe a lot more caked, so to speak. Certainly much less fresh than she did during the Affleck era. Signs of normal maturation? Sure. That might have something to do with it. But sleeping with a bloodsucking vampire probably doesn’t help. Can you imagine? Can you imagine waking up to that every day? Can you imagine what that would do to even the most ethereal beauty??? I’m telling you, gossips. Ugly is contagious.