I"m not native to LA but I"ll hazard a guess and say that in the middle of the afternoon during the month of May, you don"t need a wool sweater. Not that that"s definitive proof that La Lopez is expecting…but still. Considering the cancelled tour dates and the incessant speculation and the fact that she was overheard talking babies with Leah Remini over lunch and shopping the other day, it"s probably not a bad assumption. And it could explain the glow glow. I love the J.Lo glow glow. Because she really is a stunningly beautiful woman. Especially when she"s happy. He seems to make her happy. So who are we to mind the offensive hideous ugliness? As long as I don"t picture "IT", as long as I don"t ever, ever have to see it - it"s all good with me. I am officially a Marc Anthony convert. Praise Goddess.