The LA premiere of The Back-up Plan last night. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony working hard to promote it. I liked the gold dress better from the other day.

There’s some buzz going on that Lopez was asked on the carpet about Jennifer Garner. Yeah, that Jennifer Garner. As in Bennifer 2. See now these are the questions we want, right? Will they be working on a movie together?


I die.

I love. So much.

She allegedly appeared to be momentarily startled. And then recovered like the professional she is. She graciously said she hadn’t heard about that and moved on. But you know as soon as she could, she must have poured acid on her handlers and tried to get that person fired.

It’s not a bad idea though. I would pay, several times, to see a movie with JLo & Taupe. And buy 5 copies of the DVD.

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