My hate for the Vampire has long since evaporated and as I’ve been saying for some time now, if it makes her happy, it makes me happy. Especially since I’m not the one sleeping next to it. Sorry about the visual. So in the spirit of all this Lopez/Anthony love, check out the heartwarming photo of J.Lo backstage with Marc’s daughter during one of his concerts. Now before you go apesh*t on me for supporting an alleged manstealer, consider this: Isn’t it safe to say that HE can be prolific if he so chooses? And given that after 2 years, she’s yet to join the Hollywood spawning trend – might that be a sign of the Goddess’s justice? It’s a plausible explanation for Jenny’s new humble, low key existence – penance, if you will, for past pride, showing humility and patience, biding her time for forgiveness that could be granted on the grounds of good behaviour. It’s a course of action I fully approve of. And as such, I’ve no doubt her wishes will be granted imminently. Tori Spelling, on the other hand, is headed for homewrecker hell – no doubt about it – and short of cutting out her eyes and donating them to the blind, there is nothing that will save that bitch from the wrath of the heavens. A thousand years of bad luck, roared the dragon. And you don’t have to be Chinese to be on the receiving end.