Thanks to Maria for the clip. 

Some, if not many, will disagree. I find it hard to believe myself – three years ago, I couldn’t stand to look at him. Indeed, Marc Anthony is not only not easy on the eyes, he’s downright hideous on the eyes. 

But then he took JLo out of the spotlight, told her not to court the beast, and you will note, “candids” of the two of them are relatively few and far between. It IS possible not to be followed and photographed. 

But perhaps the Vampire’s most convincing argument had to be his wife’s glow. Even my smutty dark heart couldn’t resist her glow. With Marc Anthony, Jennifer seems finally happy. Genuinely happy. And now pregnant, of course. And deliriously happy to be pregnant. 

Fraud is unbearable when it’s pushed down your throat. See Tom presenting Katie. Call me Cruise but JLo and Marc are not fraud. This looks like true love to me. And true love is irresistible. Did I make you Rossum? Too bad about the Xenu Juice... 

Click here for a clip of Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony up close and personal and very, very sweet.

He’s not so ugly anymore, is he? OK so many that photo of him kissing her is a little little little bit gross. Still I’d take a Vampire’s lips over Tom’s shadow looming in the background. You? 

Photos from Splash