The Twins

Lainey Posted by Lainey at March 20, 2008 07:40:50 March 20, 2008 07:40:50

People is threatening with law suits so if you want to see the cover shot of Jennifer Lopez with her twins, head to

Have just finished perusing the pages and the photos – are they worth $6 million? Well... it’s an obscene amount of money, so no. Having said that, the $6 million went a lot further in this case than it did when the Chosen One was born.

Because JLo showed off EVERYTHING. The nursery is ridicious. Matching cribs in a luxe room with a chandelier…definitely not your standard urban yummy mummy set up. Then there are a few shots of the house, in particular what looks like a parlour or a drawing room, where Jen and Marc are feeding one kid each with a bottle and a there’s a silver serving tray in between them, not unlike what you’d find in an English manor with a butler and all the classy fixin’s. It’s hysterical.

Jennifer of course is lit spectacularly and photographed at all the right angles, with soft light and shadows - part Vogue/part House and Home, with the babies propped up almost like handbags.


And don’t forget the grounds. There is a shot of the two of them pushing strollers while skipping across their lawn. Forget the babies, this is the kind of sh*t that makes my life…

As for the interview – the interview is good, revealing dish.

Lopez insists it was a natural conception. She says they DID NOT use in vitro. Curiously enough, they were vague in the article about childbirth. And they allude to the fact that they knew when the babies would be delivered, so for those of you who care, my smutty tingle is leaning towards a C-section although since my own womb is frozen, that opinion totally means nothing.

In terms of weight gain and loss – she says she put on 45 and is in no hurry to lose it. She also says she’s training for a triathlon in October. Hee.

And one final detail so as not to spoil the entire thing … Marc talks at length about diaper duty, about changing Max and trying not to get sprayed. Apparently he’s escaped, but his wife, Jennifer fecking Lopez, has already been squirted on by her son. Cute, non?

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