New cover of Us Weekly is about Jennifer Lopez. According to the magazine, Marc Anthony is so pissed about her dating Casper Smart (aren’t we all???) he wants to rearrange their custody agreement to punish her. Anthony had supposedly previously agreed to primary custody for JLo.

Believability of the story?  


Us Weekly got f-cked over at the time of their divorce announcement when Anthony cockblocked JLo through People Magazine after she’d been working with Us. You’ll recall, Us subsequently had exclusive after exclusive with her to make it up. So they have a good relationship. And what says Happy Christmas like ugly exes fighting over the kids?

The reputation has followed him for a long time now - that Marc is a controlling and vindictive man. I get it that JLo is enjoying being out of that situation after so many years. I totally get it. And she should. That’s the point. It’d be one thing if there was a different Casper Smart every week on the low. I’d even be happy if she could just keep him hidden, so that we don’t have to see him, look at him. Ride him all you want in the privacy of your house/hotel suite. I can work with that because then I know it’s all for pleasure, fine.

But this is not what’s happening here.

What’s happening here is he gets the keys to the Bentley and the paps on speed dial. She’s showing him to us. Showing him off to us. Like it’s something to be proud of. I wonder if she has a different vision filter than the rest of us.