They’ve been together more than they’ve been apart this year – six weeks of constant separation, save for a few stolen vacay days in France and perhaps a night or two to check in…Posh is hellbent on securing her Stateside status while David, well, David is supposed to be playing football. Right. Look at that hotness – in Madrid after having dinner with Jennifer Lopez and the Vampire, Becks is sporting a familiar pinched expression. Same expression he’s had in the past just before the Stray. Call me a gossipmonger all you want but the man has an ego and the man has needs. For her sake, I hope he doesn’t have an attractive female assistant. Or nanny. Or Spanish housekeeper. Or gardener’s daughter. Because the first time is always the hardest. And I think we all know he’s already had his first, and second, and third. And Loos. Good Goddess he’s quivering, non? As for Victoria, she’s currently in NYC, shopping no doubt, Brooklyn and Romeo have come along this time, Cruz’s whereabouts unknown, which likely leaves David in Madrid…solo. Is your smutty sense tingling??? Source