Yes. Please. A husband, a father, a first time director, and now Hollywood, the film that is supposed to reconfirm his status as a showbiz superstar - Ken Sunshine did good, non? Have a look at Ben in Venice - cleaned up, handsome as hell, every inch the hunk he was during the Bennifer 1 golden days. Except much more under control. All demons exorcised? Well…not all I hope. One thing I did love about his degenerate phase was the gambling, being practically raised in a casino myself, I can certainly understand the importance of moderation…but abstinence? Forever? For his sake, I hope it wasn"t an addiction. For his sake, I hope it was just burying the Lopez heartsick on the Texas hold"em table. Because if he"s anything like me, the slot machine ring dings as soon as the elevator door opens, the gentle click click of the chips, the soothing shuffle at the blackjack table, the wooden clap of the roulette spin, a "hard eight" being shouted from the craps section - to me those sounds are a little taste of heaven. I"m willing to bet you Ben feels the same.