Here we go.

Previously on JLO and ARod, they were getting papped together after dinner or heading to the gym but not giving up shots of themselves in the same frame. Today in New York, they walked out of the restaurant after lunch, her hand on his arm, and in matching outfits.

This came after ARod’s appearance on The View where, oh, he was only too happy to take a question about his girlfriend, giving up all kinds of information about her, like her favourite snack, and what a great athlete she is:

Please. Even though he was there TO PROMOTE HIMSELF and his new role as a broadcaster, you know her. You know JLO. You know she loved every word. You know in her mind that was pure romance. And so she rewarded him with these shots, pictures that will get shared all over the place today and this weekend to make it clear that it’s on. On like serious. On like his sister calls her an “in-law”. On like he could totally “wife her up” by the end of the year.