Like I said in today’s open: Beyonce is not Jennifer Lopez. Beyonce knows. Beyonce respects her own stature. And Jay-Z his. What is the point of getting to be B and J only to run around with a back-up dancer?

So here’s JLo with Casper Smart this weekend in her Bentley - which he gets to use even when she’s not in the passenger seat - hitting up a jewellery store. Again, Jennifer Lopez doesn’t rebound; she remarries. I’m not saying it’s happening now. But you know she doesn’t know how  to keep her options open.  

Some people are all like, well she’s in her 40s and single and she wants to prove she can hook it up with a younger man. And that’s fine. And there’s a way to do that. But when the younger man is, like, an employee, and, frankly, not Ben Affleck or Shemar Moore or Idris Elba, I don’t see a hot woman in her 40s who’s “still got it”. I just see a girl who has always had really bad taste. You really expect me to believe this is the best available to Jennifer Lopez???

And save it if you’re coming at me with “status shouldn’t matter in love”. Stop applying real world values to celebrities.