Despite the fact that she’s never been better than she has this summer, after she broke up with Casper Smart, JLO might have gotten back together with the Slum Bear. They were photographed together today in LA. He’s driving. She’s trying to hide.


Hide because you SHOULD be embarrassed.

Anyway, I’m not buying these shots because I’m not wasting any extra cash money on her sh-tty taste. Let me say, again, for those of you who missed it all the other times…

Date a younger guy, I don’t care. F-ck him until your ass thinks it’s 20 years old again, I don’t care. The problem is that she gave him the job, the top job. The head creative job. You see the difference? Madonna’s content to keep her lovers in the back row. They don’t need a title.

This one?

This one got the title. This one put his name on the front door. I mean for that, you at least expect a better face.

Click here to see the pictures. You’ll note they’re wearing their hair the same. But she does this, you know? She’s never been capable of a clean cut.