JLO and Slum Bear hit up the Topshop party last night in West Hollywood. The dress isn’t very flattering but it’s better from the back. Hideous shoes though.

Did you see earlier this week that Brahim Zaibat was featured in the new VMan? Click here for the photos. Brahim told the magazine that:

“My life is dance, so it’s more than a pleasure to do it with [Madonna] during the tour. We send a message with our art. And to do it together adds sense and beauty.”

Brahim just signed a modelling contract and made his debut at the Jeremy Scott presentation yesterday. Click here to see the collection. And this is how you do with your little boyfriend. Sure he can dance in the show, and wear some nice clothes on a runway. But you don’t make him head creative and choreographer of your goddamn tour.

You think Slum Bear Casper is jealous that he isn’t being asked to pose for high fashion? Oh, well, he’s still hustling. Bear put his video resume online the other day and tweeted it to his followers. Then JLO Bear tweeted it to her followers. Now that he’s “directed” her work, he’s hoping he can do the same with some of her celebrity peers. He’s already tried to leverage her influence to get a sponsorship deal with a clothing company, make him the face of the brand. Ahem. Brahim and Casper aren’t exactly the same, you know? 

But can you imagine JLO, like, calling up Katy Perry and asking her to give her boyfriend a job?

Sure, we’re totally looking for backup dancers!

No, Katy, I was hoping you could make my baby the big man, let him design the whole thing.

Now they’re all embarrassed for her too.