Jennifer Lopez performed at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Connecticut this weekend. Maksim Chmerkovskiy was there too…and according to multiple media outlets, they were “very flirty” with each other – dancing, holding hands, whispering – but did not leave at the same time.

US Weekly reports that though there was serious chemistry between the two of them, the two are still “platonic”. Translation: they’re checking each other and haven’t had sex yet.

How is it that it’s 2014 and they were at a club and there are no pictures of this? Was the club empty on a Saturday night?

Usually when this kind of thing happens with no accompanying photos, the information is leaked to promote a venue or an event. That’s not to say that JLO and Maksim aren’t dealing with each other – because they totally are – but someone else is benefiting from this too.


He claims he doesn’t like the attention and prefers to keep his situation undercover. Smart strategy. Distance yourself from the Slum Lover attitude. I see you Maksim.