Post by Duana & Lainey

I sat down to write this and thought it was going to be a post about how much the dress made me cringe. Because honestly, after I got a good look at it, I thought it was a fun 'look-at-me' dress made of bubble wrap. Not joking. I didn't hate it so much as just...shrug. (As a sidebar, Lainey thinks Amanda got the better dress - but I don't think that ultra-pale mint colour would do anything for J Lo anyway). She's done way, way better.

Having said that, the woman was happening tonight. She always does her best events when she doesn't have to actually do anything of great responsibility, and she was so easy in her swanning around - I notice she ditched Marc almost immediately - and she makes me MISS HER. Is she coming out to play again soon? I would hate to accuse her of having become boring, and I kind of like that she keeps me on the edge of my seat, potentially-cutting-remarks wise, while still being an utterly respectable woman (i.e. not dating a man a sliver of her age) - but sometimes I wish she could come to one of these things straight from, like, her cousin's engagement party so she's had 3/4 of a flute of champagne and just let her mouth go a bit.

Also, while my exhaustion with Clooney is documented elsewhere today, I would happily accept a remake of Out Of Sight. Please and Thank You.

Lainey: Amanda Seyfried’s dress was spectacular. In person it was even better. I promise you. Armani Prive. Also from Armani Prive, same collection: what JLo wore. Only it was totally less than. Like Mr Armani gave Seyfried the top choice, and Lopez the lesser sister. If only, if only a camera had been tailing her to capture the exact moment she laid eyes on Seyfried and realised she arrived first, she’d been seen first, making Lopez not the first. Sigh. If only.

And while Seyfried’s was nice and easy, JLo’s was much too full of Try. It was a dress for a girl who once was, who wants to be again, but whose time may have passed her by. And knowing this, she put on a gown that boxes out everyone standing next to her. Including Sam Worthington. Which only makes it worse. Because Sam Worthington is the one who matters now. And Jennifer Lopez ...almost an afterthought?

Believe me. I take no pleasure writing this. No pleasure in acknowledging a world in which she may not be queen sh-t. But this is a town that’s all about what you just did. And in her case, professionally, the answer is not much.

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