Hell no.

This week it’s all about Obama. And Jennifer Lopez would never do anything unless guaranteed a top spot in the headlines.

Besides, right now she’s insisting they’re fine, claiming she and Marc Anthony have no intention of splitting, and that the presence or absence of her wedding ring has less to do with the status of the marriage than with what matches her dress.

Like everyone else, they were in Washington last night at the 2009 Latino Inaugural Gala. JLo looked beautiful and elegant, almost royal, in blue but for that assy eye shadow all over her face, reminiscent of Drew Barrymore’s grey overkill at the Globes last week.

Have always loved her face when she pulls her hair back. Brings out her pointy chin. Gorgeous.

PS. Jennifer Lopez, indisputably one of the biggest famewhores in the biggest. And yet photos of her twins Max and Emme are few and far between. What does that say about those playground moms who always happen to be there when the paps are? Just asking…

Photos from Wenn.com