Three years makes.

Three years ago, he was putrid and revolting and nasty and almost as ugly as Donatella. But as they say: if you’re happy, I’m happy. And she is happy. Very happy. We saw them together last year at TIFF, dancing up a storm at the El Cantante afterparty in the Distillery, totally totally in love with each other. And as a result, call me Cruise, but now he’s totally totally not as unattractive as he once was.

Maybe it’s just me.

Here are Jennifer and Marc arriving in Puerto Rico to show their film. As usual, she is perfection. Except perhaps for the dress. So cheap-looking I wouldn’t be surprised if it was Marchesa. He on the other hand… my likey the shirt. And even a close up on his face isn’t making me nauseous.

Amazing the difference.