The JLo Show

Lainey Posted by Lainey at May 21, 2010 08:13:02 May 21, 2010 08:13:02

Of course she was the last to arrive. Of course this meant that she had the carpet all to herself, and the press attention all to herself. It's Jennifer Lopez in Europe, where she is a massive star, and she lives off this sh-t, and so she gave us a show.

I love watching JLo. Last night at AMFAR was one of her finest performances.

She was wearing pink Cavalli. It was that same same Penelope Cruz copy dress with the feather skirt. Wasn't crazy about the dress but was pleasantly surprised about her hair. I don't know how it'll photograph but in person it was undone. Loose, long, wavy, a little messy, and very sexy, framing her face beautifully. She really is SO beautiful. She was SO beautiful last night. And she decided, perhaps inspired by her dress, that she'd play the light and innocent card, a shy smile on her face once she was in view of cameras, holding Marc's hand, taking small steps, her chin dipped down, like it was her very first time at a major gala. Oh please. I know. She is full of her own sh-t. But it's so entertaining.

Jennifer and Marc did not stop for anyone. Instead, they floated over to the photo wall where they posed for a minute together until the photogs started screaming for her solo shots. And this is when the Lopez is at her best. This bitch gave them the open mouth, the smile, the coquette, she pulled out every expression she owns, and she owned them, stirring them up so hard they almost toppled the risers. Marc meanwhile stood by watching and I could see his dick getting bigger every time a flashbulb went off.

It's really an amazing thing, watching Jennifer Lopez have her picture taken. Perhaps this video will give you some idea. JLo at a photoshoot for Vogue Italia. Watch how she KNOWS. How she can control individual eyelashes. How much she loves the camera, and never doubts that it loves her back.

Photos from and Dave M. Benett/MARTIN BUREAU/

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