Sunday night at my house was Go Eli Manning. Not because I’m a Giants fan but because I hate the Dallas Cowboys. Have always hated the Cowboys. I have written about this before. Last time I posited whether or not there were actually Cowboys fans outside of Dallas. I learned that they do exist. In Calgary, Alberta.

Keep in mind, I’m from Toronto. I am a Toronto Maple Leafs fan. Everyone not from Toronto in Canada hates the Leafs. So I know about sports hate, giving it and receiving it. Sports hate is sometimes more fun than sports love.

It was very satisfying seeing Romo and the Cowboys lose on Sunday. Romo that bitch is overrated and overpaid.


Chad Pennington has more playoff wins than Tony Romo. Snort.

And I’m no Chad Pennington fan either. Jacek is a Jets fan. I am a Dolphins fan. He’s now the Dolphins QB1. And last night in Miami we lost.

I used up all my energy hating on the Cowboys I didn’t have enough to love my Fish. They were defeated in front of their new part owner Marc Anthony.

No, not even Jennifer Lopez could inspire a victory.

But they were there last night, eliciting more attention than anyone else. Look how she wants it too. The Owner’s Wife. In sleek black with perfect makeup and very high heels. She loves her new role.

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