Jennifer Lopez’s Louboutins, the song, wasn’t the hit she had hoped. And she’s had label problems. And despite her statement that she’s signing with Def Jam (has Def Jam even made that confirmation announcement yet?) there’s no doubt her status in the recording industry is not what it was in 2000. Ten years later, and she’s expected to run with Rihanna and Gaga and the rest? When she can barely sing and isn’t known for songwriting? Please.

Perhaps it’s best to shut that side of the career down, focus on the movies…

Only the movies haven’t been slamdunk either.

No doubt, Jennifer Lopez is in a major professional slump. So yeah, she needs this. She needs The Back-up Plan to do well. And I want it to do well for her. Because JLo is a star. And I’m all for stars over dumbass reality show losers.


Have you seen the trailer?

This sh-t is not happening. There are too many Jennifers Lopez/Garner/Aniston and so many romantic comedies and almost of all of them suck. It’s not the Lopez I like. The Lopez I like sat across a table from George Clooney in 1998 and delivered one of the sexiest scenes in movie history. Do you remember how electrifying she was in Out of Sight? I’ve written about this before but it needs to be repeated over and over again until she gets it. Or until she finds it again.

Because I still can’t watch this clip without feeling that hot knot of anticipation in my stomach.

So here’s Jennifer Lopez last night in Miami with Marc Anthony at a screening of The Back-up Plan. The movie might suck but she does look amazing. That dress, while not my steeze, is totally totally her. And the SHOE PORN. Lanvin, I think.

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