My favourite game!

Drawing conclusions based on nothing but the analysis of a photo – last night in New York at the Fashion Group International Night of the Stars awards…

JLo looking very Maid in Manhattan, sucked in snug and sexy with her Spanx, arriving with her husband Marc Anthony. Check her out, soaking up the spotlight, preening for the cameras...but he doesn’t seem to be enjoying himself quite as much, does he?

In fact, he seems to be dragging her along while she tries to extend his moment in front of the cameras. And then there’s this shot of him glaring at her to the side while she poses alone.

You can only hold an attention whore down for so long. Eventually the hunger always wins. For 2 years she kept it low profile. The beast needs to eat…so don’t be surprised if we see them out with the Cruises this weekend who are also in town. Won’t that be a great photo opp?

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