I’m sorry. But I love them. I love Jennifer Lopez with Marc Anthony… Please forgive?

It’s just the way he’s leaning into her on the carpet. And how happy she’s looked for 3 years. Even if he’s been creepy and controlling at times…word is they’ve passed that. Word is, she’s deliriously content, and she certainly appears to be, non? Here last night at the LA premiere of El Cantante – all curves, all goddess.

As for their life together and their upcoming joint jour, Marc told People:
"She"s always been the boss! I don"t know what"s changed. That"s the first thing a man has to know. Absolutely, no question about it…. We wouldn"t put ourselves in this position (of working and travelling together) if it was going to cost us in any way. We truly enjoy each other."

I like their sales pitch. So I buy this for now too…although a VERY interesting little piece of gossip about her reading habits. I’m told she supposedly is a fan of scientological literature – has books lying about with many passages highlighted. Not with Xenu in public, but walking with Xenu in private?