It must be bad…

Lainey Posted by Lainey at January 7, 2009 09:49:07 January 7, 2009 09:49:07

If they can’t even deny it in People.

So you’ve already heard the widespread reports that JLo and Marc Anthony are in trouble. Not even a year after the birth of the twins, she was photographed at the Benjamin Button premiere without her ring and, increasingly unhappy about the status of her acting career, worried that she’s become irrelevant, Jennifer is supposedly seriously considering making a single break again…

NY gossips insist that the two will be done by Valentine’s Day after serenading each other on stage.


So it’s time for damage control. As usual via Interestingly enough though, People publicity stunts are usually super gushy and over the top – this time however even People can’t quite present a perfect picture of marital bliss.

The end message is that Jen and Marc are fine – so fine they are even considering buying property in Puerto Rico – but insiders did confirm there were “problems, like in any marriage. They’ve been arguing.”

People’s “reliable” source goes on to explain that:

"The marriage is experiencing frustrations because of the added stress of the twins but they will work things out. They love each other, and that will dictate what happens. I don't think divorce is in the picture."

Seriously, if People Magazine can’t spin it with sugar Rossums, can you imagine how bad things must behind closed doors?


And for a while there I truly believed.


Jennifer Lopez has a commitment timer. How long before she busts out?

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