So remember when Jennifer Lopez showed up at the LA premiere of Benjamin Button not wearing her wedding ring and the next morning everyone and their eyebrow stylist was declaring divorce?

Guess not.

Ring Watch is about as reliable as Bump Watch…both are balls.

Several weeks of speculation followed the Missing Ring Incident during which it was reported that JLo and Marc Anthony would share a farewell Valentine’s duet at his MSG show in New York before parting ways for good.

Not parting ways.

In fact, not only are they not parting ways, they also pimped their twins out to the audience – Max and Emme have remained virtually invisible since their big splash on the cover of People Magazine almost a year ago.

And just a quick aside here – even Jennifer Lopez, one of the top pap targets, can keep her kids hidden when she wants them to be. See? It’s FAR from impossible.

Anyway, Jennifer and Marc seemed stronger than ever this weekend, perhaps newly recommitted following a rough patch, all part and parcel of any marriage, even a celebrity one, or perhaps never troubled to begin with. Obviously the tabloid explanation will be that Marc begged her back and promised to be less controlling.

Whatever you choose from the buffet, this much is undeniable: she looked amazing on Saturday night. LOVE the dress, only she could pull off those shoes, and her skin, her face, everything is fresher than ever. Did she go in for a treatment too?

Photos attached of the happy couple at Cipriani for dinner after his concert.

Also attached – Jennifer and Marc carrying their twins out of the hotel on Sunday. My interest in babies, or lack thereof, being what it is, I don’t normally notice such things… but even I couldn’t help smiling a little over Max’s little leather boots. You think Jennifer Lopez would ever let her children wear Crocs?

In light of these events, am posing the question all over again. Last time most of you voted they’d be done in 6 months. And now? Check the poll.

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