Superfans take crazy to a whole new level. And it’s not just the Brangelunatics. The McGoslings were nuts, the Ebola victims are completely f&cked, and JLo too has an army of ardent worshippers who believe every word out of her mouth.

Like a few weeks ago when most blogs laughed at her claims that she doesn’t have a nanny and looks after her twins on her own. Her friend Leah Remini also chimed in, insisting that Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony were doing everything by themselves.

I then received an angry email from a Lopez fanatic defending her favourite’s honour:

See Lainey? Leah Remini says Jennifer and Marc don’t have a nanny! But you’re too much a bitch to believe the truth!

Here’s the truth:

Marc is currently touring Europe and he and his wife were in Milan yesterday, strolling, shopping, kissing, and NOT pushing prams. I don’t see a pram. Do you see a pram? Presumably the babies were back at the hotel feeding themselves and changing their own diapers.

Because remember… Jennifer Lopez does NOT use a nanny.

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