TMZ posted photos yesterday purportedly of Marc Anthony with Jennifer Lopez in Long Island. As you know, she was the one who pushed forward with the break and the announcement. He was trying to hold on. And he still wants to hold on, supposedly in touch repeatedly, at times soft and pleading, at other times hostile, accusatory, and borderline abusive. Getting together for the children sounds like the perfect time to work her down, see if she’ll change her mind.

But here’s how JLo’s publicist responded when TMZ asked for comment about the sighting:

"They are NOT back together -- they were just visiting each other and the children."

I like the capitalisation of NOT. Like, not only were they setting the record straight, but they really, really, REALLY want to set the record straight. That they are NOT BACK TOGETHER. Like the mere suggestion of it is absurd. Like, as if JLo would ever. Which is in line with her publicity playbook since the split, strategically positioning herself in the most sympathetic light without going full victim.

Right now though, the way these patterns work, Marc will be at his best, his most charming, his most romantic, his most appealing. Can JLo keep saying no? Who could she reach out to to help her? Please. If only Gossip could be written like a script.

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