Kills me. Not even the Lakers have red carpets at their home games. But this season it seems every Miami home game also features a step and repeat – photo wall posing opportunities for new part owner Marc Anthony and his wife Jennifer Lopez. Every owner leaves his/her stamp on an organisation. Is this the Lopez/Anthony legacy?

I can’t complain. The Dolphins are my team. And it was a HUGE win yesterday over the Patriots and their weak secondary. First Patriots back to back loss in … 3 years? Heh. Ok, enough smack from me. After all, my team almost ran the table on an 0-for season. I used to love the way Jim Rome hoped for it. Prayed for it like Christmas.

As for JLo’s bug-eyed dress… I like it. Don’t mind the pattern at all. But IT HAS A TRAIN. And this is a football game.

Photos from and Garces/Montana/