The original ass is back. And she’s in Italy too!

D&G show last night – check out Jennifer Lopez, spectacularly but undoubtedly aided by Spanx, working the runway and basking in the spotlight alongside Marc Anthony and Matthew McConaughey.

But his baby mother Camila is SOOOOO beautiful, non? Without EVER trying!

Back to the Lo Ass…

I love it. I’ve missed it. And everything else is just a piss poor imitation.

Not really into the hair, but then again, it’s D&G. This is D&G hair.


It’s back. What would the gossip universe be without JLo’s signature open mouth pose?

PS. Does this count as “free time”…or is she working? Every minute of free time, as she explained, is usually devoted to her twins.


Attending fashion shows must be work. She has so much of it she finally hired a nanny.

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