Jennifer Lopez and her The Boy Next Door co-star Ryan Guzman were on Ryan Seacrest this morning for promotion. Guzman, of course, is also rumoured to be her real life …situation right now. Of course there was no situation when they were shooting the film, shooting scenes with him saying that “I like your mom’s cookies”, and pressing her up against a wall and going down her stomach with his tongue. F-ck. I seriously can’t wait to see this movie.

Anyway, as we know, JLO was with Slum Bear Casper Smart at the time. And she was with Slum Bear at New Year’s. Slum Bear, however, has managed to stay super undercover… because, well, she’d rather you see her doing this…



…instead of picturing her with him. Fine. I don’t want to picture her with him. But that doesn’t mean I believe that she and Ryan Guzman are a thing. I don’t trust her taste. Ben Affleck was an anomaly. She’s into gross men.

Still, fine, let’s live here for a while. In a world where JLO is actually f-cking someone hot.



Breakfast with the Ryans!!! @ryanaguzman @ryanseacrest #TheBoyNextDoor #January23

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