They made a big f-cking deal out of it all yesterday when reports surfaced that television executives were issuing warnings to Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea about their upcoming American Music Awards performance on Sunday. The two will perform Booty together for the first time. And according to TMZ there’s going to be a 3 to 4 second delay because suits are worried about rubbing and cracks. Isn’t there always a 3 to 4 second delay at these events? And why is ass so offensive? I’d rather see the ass – all the ass, as much ass as possible – on mute. Because what’s most offensive to me is that song.

It’s a TERRIBLE song. That’s why they need so much ass on it. Because the ass masks how sh-t the music is.

So bring on the ass.

Give me more ass.

Here’s JLO at the studio yesterday getting the ass ready.