Just wrote last week about Jennifer Lopez’s open-mouth pose and how it makes my life. Should that be qualified by saying but maybe not with red lips?

JLo was at Macy’s today – what’s with Macy’s lately!? – to launch her new fragrance “Deseo For Men”. You’ll note the dude she uses in the ad with her is not her own husband. She doesn’t want your man to smell like her man? Or she knows YOU don’t want your man to smell like her man?

Would you want your man to smell like Halle Berry’s man?

While we’re on the subject of Macy’s, you’ve seen Gabriel Aubry’s Macy’s ads with Martha Stewart and Mimi, right?

And for Boss?


As my friend Duana would say - it's like Daisy razors: inhumane. With an “e”.

Photos from Wenn.com