Rendered deliriosu from Baby Fever, several outlets jumped the gun last week reporting that Jennifer Lopez had checked into a Long Island hospital to give birth. Obviously not.

Her father, the Scientologist, did confirm yesterday however that she is indeed expecting twins. Definitely looks like it too.

But seriously… why the loyalty for Marchesa?

JLo has been very, very undercover for most of her pregnancy. And now, just days or even hours from delivery, she has chosen to haul her large bump out for Georgina Chapman and, most importantly, Harvey Weinstein. Check her out in blue at the Marchesa show at New York Fashion Week today…

And we all know, since we’ve all seen Marchesa’s ugly ass designs, that it just can’t be about the clothes. So now the question is: what does La Lopez owe Harvey???

Is your smutty sense tingling? Mine’s in overdrive…

As you can see, Jennifer looks lovely and wicked uncomfortable. And I don’t mean the shoes because I love that she’s still rockin’ the heels. It’s the rest of it that’s terrifying. And worse still the choice: either stay this large and awkward or face the pain of pushing.

Women are amazing.

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