Of course it’s JLo.

Like, she’s actually posing during an interview at Sirius XM Studio in New York today. Have you ever watched someone try to pose WHILE THEY’RE TALKING? Only the most extreme of narcissists who would attempt it. Only the best of the extreme can do it this well.

She looks amazing. I love her hair. Her hair like this is probably better than the hair she’s shown us so far on American Idol. And, as previously noted, I’m totally obsessed with her on American Idol. She can be cute, she can be sweet, she can cut her eye, she will meangirl and giggle, she hates the pretty ones, she loves the chubby ones, and she’s totally unaware that when she wants someone to have a “stronger voice”, everyone at home is laughing their sh-t out. Sometimes you can actually see her tune away and start thinking about herself. Her makeup, her accessories, what she’ll wear tomorrow. I love her right now. Maybe more than ever. And it’s not even live yet. If they can promise when it’s live that there will be a camera on her the entire time, I might actually watch every week.

Photos from Michael Loccisano/Gettyimages.com