Jennifer Lopez attended the LA premiere last night of What To Expect When You’re Expecting. What? Of course he was there with her. He is everywhere with her. And that says more about her than it does about him. Sadly.

So here’s JLo in an unflattering dress - is that a skin fold underneath her breasts??? - and dark lips and Casper Smart, who’s so big time now he doesn’t have to remove to his sunglasses, stopping for a few interviews on the carpet before blowing by the rest of the press, holding up his hand like Brad Pitt on an Angelina Jolie movie night as if to say “it’s her night boys, not mine, I’m heading inside”.

Sit DOWN Slum Ass.

As IF.

You see what she’s created?

Casper Smart gets interviewed now. Casper Smart is considered a red carpet “get” now.

If I was on that carpet for etalk, I would have had to “get” him. That’s my job as a member of the broadcast media; when I’m on assignment for our show, it’s our duty to do whatever we can to secure that interview. That’s the downside of the gig right there: when you have to talk to Casper Smart, when you have to eat it for Casper Smart, like the woman with the mic in his face. It’s the opposite of professional fulfillment. All because Jennifer Lopez has the worst f-cking taste in men.