Birthday Bears

Lainey Posted by Lainey at July 25, 2013 17:42:14 July 25, 2013 17:42:14

Jennifer Lopez celebrated her 44th birthday yesterday. Get your Gravol ready because, obviously, there was some Slum Love involved. No, actually, not some, but a LOT. A lot of Slum Love in the form of the Gross Bears.

Jesus Christ.

And we were having such a great week.

Yesterday I was shooting a promo with the co-hosts of The Social, Melissa Grelo, Traci Melchor, and Cynthia Loyst. Whenever we get together it always turns into a full-on debate. Melissa was saying something about her husband, only she ended up calling him her “hubby”. Cynthia and I both stepped in at this point and shouted down the word “hubby”. Sick. Melissa and Traci defended it. You know who else uses the word “hubby”?


I can’t. I can’t talk about this.

But at least Jacek isn’t on Twitter or Facebook.

The f-cking Bears on the other hand are all over Twitter and Facebook.

Here’s what Casper Bear tweeted yesterday:

#HAPPYBIRTHDAY to my very very #BeautifulBear the nicest,sweetest,funniest,sexiest bear there is!!!! Love u xooxo @JLo


The other day, we heard Prince William call Kate “poppet” when he ended the informal and brief press conference about Little Baby G outside the hospital. It was a charming moment because it offered rare a glimpse at the affection the two share when they’re not being all royal and proper. We will not hear it again for a long, long time, if ever. That’s not how they do. And, given that for some of us, “Rottweiler”, “Gladys”, “Fred”, and “tampon” are still fresh in our memories, the Firm probably still frowns on making nicknames public, even if they’re positive. GREAT. This is how it should be.


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