The deal isn’t quite confirmed yet but they’re close – TMZ reports that Ellen didn’t want to come back and that Kara broad has been fired so now Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler will be replacing her on American Idol along with good old Randy Jackson. Speaking of Aerosmith, they’re playing Vegas on Saturday. Am looking forward to watching drunk rocker babes throw down on the Strip this weekend.

As for JLo, I think this is a good move. Every aspect of her career has stalled. So she needs them to remember why she’s lovable again. JLo is very entertaining when she’s not trying to sing and dance and act at the same time. She’s even more so when she’s allowed to work off script, be spontaneous, to say nothing of the potential gossip this will yield.

Jennifer Lopez’s backstage demands. Jennifer Lopez delays the show because her hair wasn’t right. Jennifer Lopez and Steven Tyler refuse to speak to each other during auditions. It’ll be amazing. If she manages to rescue the show from the ratings decline over the last few seasons, she can own the credit. If no... it won’t really be seen as her fault. There’s a lot more upside to this for her than the other way around. And if she wants the MiniVan to watch her movies again, there’s no better place to engage them than American Idol.

From a prestige perspective though, well, it is a little embarrassing. It’s family hour television, it’s a small screen hustle, it’s definitely not working with Steven Soderbergh. Then again, it’s probably better than trying to keep up with Rihanna and Lady Gaga on MTV.

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