Jennifer Lopez was in London last night to perform on Britain’s Got Talent. Apparently some viewers were offended by her outfit. Me I think there are a lot more offensive things on television but sh-t, maybe I don’t know about what’s considered “family viewing”.

Not surprisingly, JLO was joined by her Slum Lover on this trip. Here they are, being the Bears, arriving back at the hotel. There were fans outside waiting and JLO spent some time with them. I am SO relieved that so far there don’t seem to be any shots of fans asking HIM for photos and autographs. At least not that I’ve seen. This would be more offensive to me than whatever she was or wasn’t wearing on Britain’s Got Talent.

Those are good jeans though, non? On her? Just bought my second pair of these in 6 months I love them so much and wear them so much. Should good jeans be purchased in multiples?