Not that this Casper Smart fellow isn't nice; I'm sure he's very. know JLo. With her first two marriages, it was so BELOW stature. Ojani Noa, Cris Judd... she has this habit of going no-name when, for the good of gossip, she should be going Full Name, especially when Full Name used to be Ben Affleck. Even though Marc Anthony wasn't Ben Affleck, it was still a star-to-star love situation and now, now that she's done with Marc Anthony, it was a perfect opportunity to go back to those days of Jenny From The Block: major celebrity romance intrigue, a taste of which she was giving us with Bradley Cooper only to have that apparently fizzle in favour of...yet another back up dancer.  

Here he is last week in New York, caught by paps lurking around her hotel, prompting speculation about their relationship, confirmed now by Us Weekly that they're casually seeing each other. Casper's vitals: 24, 5 ft 8 (so more like 5 ft 6). Like I said, I'm sure he's lovely. But for our gossip purposes, it certainly isn't impressive.

I really f-cking hate when she does this. When she doesn't date on equivalent. How am I supposed to care about this?

And it's not like I don't get it. It's some tricky sh-t, this loving Jennifer Lopez business. Because the man, he essentially has to be her bitch. And it's hard expecting a fellow celebrity actor/singer/whatever type to be ok with being her bitch. Ben Affleck wasn't her bitch, really, but he had to kiss her bikini ass on video and slick his hair back and buy her a pink diamond to be her man which...I guess is kinda like being her bitch and that, as we know, certainly took its toll. Obviously Coop couldn't handle it. But surely SOMEONE sort of famous might be able to handle it, at least for a career boost, non?

Like...I dunno, Ed Westwick? That just made me laugh so hard. Yes. Chuck Bass. Chuck Bass is MORE than Casper Smart. Where are the candidates?!?

Also attached - JLo with her kids last week in NYC.